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@perrylduff Instagram Profile 21 May, 2019

I totally disagree with this. If you really want to celebrate the TRUE meaning of that statue, then replace it with its original TRUE statue and what it REALLY represents. Because what Oprah is saying it represents today is a total LIE! Im just saying...@perrylduff

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Welcome to NJ Auntie O!! We love you!! ❤️❤️

@wmcglamery Instagram Profile 20 May, 2019

Um that hair tho. Stunning! 💜🙌🏻

@realtyteacher_remax_victoria Instagram Profile 20 May, 2019

Donated by France. Enjoyed by the world - let’s respect the history she represents for those who came by boat as new Americans

@knownaswendy Instagram Profile 20 May, 2019

I am from Jersey. I went to the island when I was about 10 yrs. She was so tall! I was scare of heights and only climbed the stairs to the knees. I can only imagine what it looks like now.