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I’ll take dat 50 ya found in ya bag 👁😈

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Lilzilch is a modern day Edward scizzorhands who is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is CEO of his own indie label lilzilch Recordz. He has over 7 unreleased albums and tons of material under his belt. Lilzilch has released two albums so far this year for 2019. January 16th 2019 he dropped Zilchology101 which is two entire albums compiled together into one (Zilchology101 x I believe in me) which consists of 19 songs. On March 21st lilzilch dropped another great album called
“ScizzorHandz” which consists of 8tracks. Followed by a radio interview April 15th,2019 at Kpcr.com the culture radio in woodland hills,ca with host Sarah “shawty” Rosenberg. Lilzilch has also grown as far as establishing brand awareness by incorporating his music with his own newly up and coming clothing line and hopes he can reach many potential fans with his new wave clothing apparel.

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A.B. C. 😢😍😢😍😢😍😢😍😢😍😢😍😢😍😢😍😢😍

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אתמול אתה היית מלך מדונה לא מגיעה לקרסוליים שלך

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Super happy to see where y’all boys at now cuz!!