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Wtf happened to this kid?!! I have so much respect for your father and you are becoming such a disappointment! 😓

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Las drogas hermano las drogas joder

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Dear, Jaden Smith
My name is Marlon Moore I was born with spina bifida which is a birth defect that affects the spine. I am 19 now and I live in Atlanta. I created a clothing brand that brings awareness to people with disabilities so that people can be more accepting of people like me who are different.
As well as being more inclusive with people who have disabilities and differences. I think what you were doing for the community is amazing and I support you and I would love for you to support me.

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How spectacular your concerts should be. add me and we talk ☺️

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Hang ni da pasai apaaa? Bulan ramadhan ni, udah udah laa