@mjoelle22 Instagram Profile 15 hours ago

billy joel le meilleur compositeur de notre siecle

@odin_arizona Instagram Profile 13 March, 2019

That was such a great show! I’m still hoarse from singing along the whole time!! Thank you for an amazing night....

@asia.mj Instagram Profile 11 March, 2019

i tagged you in my story! my friend and i love your music !!❤️

@joelfan66 Instagram Profile 11 March, 2019

Seventh time seeing you in concert. I hope to get to Madison Square Gardens one day. You always put on a great show.Glad Chainsaw did Highway to Hell.

@mychelle_13 Instagram Profile 11 March, 2019

This my 2nd time seeing #billyjoel . The 1st time was 35 years ago with my mother. She's gone now but I felt her with me last night under the stars in Phoenix. Thank you, Billy. It was 🔥.

@mcadoo317 Instagram Profile 11 March, 2019

We were there last night. I got to see you at Giant Stadium while in college, then with Elton John about 10 years ago and this was the best one yet. You have touched a lot of lives with your music. Thank you for the gift that you are!

@joelfan66 Instagram Profile 11 March, 2019

I was eight see up from being at the top. Some walked up the stairs higher up than I was and said I think I see God.I thought it was funny. Concert still sounded great

@joelfan66 Instagram Profile 11 March, 2019

Enjoyed the concert. Thanks for coming to Phoenis. You should record all the songs that are not yours and put them on an album . Like you did Take It Easy. I liked the way you sing it. I like other songs you do that are not yours like Hey Girl.I would buy the album. Just an idea.

@abbercadabber_ Instagram Profile 10 March, 2019

I’ve loved billy since I was little and me and my best friend drove 9 hours to see him. Was not disappointed 😭❣️❣️❣️