@andyp_baez Instagram Profile 24 April, 2019

Its not wind, this was investigated, there were power lines down which got caught on the vehicles and yanked them

@rcburt Instagram Profile 9 April, 2019

From the news footage there was metal cable being dragged behind another truck and it got caught.

@barbosa759 Instagram Profile 7 April, 2019

🇧🇷😲What the fuck was that? I did not understand.

@flippinwoo Instagram Profile 30 March, 2019

It’s not fake it’s on what on earth it’s because the pole

@rzi_ahmad Instagram Profile 24 March, 2019

Is not strong wind 1- if strong wind should be both car from front go up not first car back and secant car front 2- if strong how strong wind can both cat take up but people cruse street JUST THINK WHAT HAPPENS 🤔

@bby.paeee Instagram Profile 20 hours ago

That was not no wind 💨🎐 or elze those ppl would've went 🏃flyin✈ too. Sum body either got telekinesis or it's edited.

@dcuo_mho Instagram Profile 15 March, 2019

But the car didn’t go no where???

@nme95k Instagram Profile 15 March, 2019

That's fake. The wheel fell off in mid air. Has to be a low budget movie

@makanudo69 Instagram Profile 15 March, 2019

yo creo que había un cable del tendido electrico colgando entre un poste como columpio y al pasar por el cruce la camioneta lo agarro por accidente .y se engancho en el otro carro que finalmente se cortó , no mamen ,los fantasmas no hacen eso .,o si . jiji

@action_figure_in_training Instagram Profile 14 March, 2019

This video was explained/debunked a long time ago. A work truck was dragging a wire that got caught under these vehicles.

@stephvanmaanen Instagram Profile 14 March, 2019

Yah right doesn’t affect the people walking on the street common