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The FreeCO2 GO Environmental Sustainability Action Platform is in the final stages of construction. We will make available to society and organizations mechanisms that allow the compensation of their CO2 emissions in the atmosphere from their land, nautical and aerial descolcamentos, integrating sustainable development into a low carbon economy. hashtag #our mission In addition to the compensation of CO2 emissions, which will be carried out through the sequestration of carbon made by sustainable eucalyptus forests, we will implement Environmental Sustainability actions related to the acquisitions of the FreeCO2 GO Stamps, according to the type of CO2 emitting agent. - Terrestrial Emissions: A native tree will be planted in the vehicle registration region, for each FreeCO2 GO Seal issued, for replanting of anthropic areas, riparian forests, slopes and water sources. - Nautical and Air Emissions: Consertification programs will be implemented for environmental preservation, along with coastal communities, regarding the correct disposal of waste, so that we can assist in the depollution of the sea, preserving marine life and increasing the sustainability of the environment and the quality of the leisure for the population. www.freeco2go.com.br

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